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Welcome to Adas Torah!

Several years ago, a small group of young, native Angelenos, who had moved back to the Pico-Robertson community, founded Adas Torah, with minyanim held at the Marriot Hotel. Within a few years, the shul grew to two full minyanim on Shabbos, weekday minyanim, Daf Yomi, and an array of shiurim for men and women.

Today Adas Torah is a vibrant community centered on Tefilla, Limud Torah and Chesed. We invite you to join us! 

Rabbi Dovid Revah

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Adas Torah Building Campaign 

Baruch Hashem we have moved in to our new building on 9040 West Pico Blvd.  Please click here for dedication opportunities. 

Nitzachon: Adas Torah Journal of Torah Ideas

The shul is excited to present the sixth volume of its semi-annually published journal of Torah essays written about the Moadim and Parshios by members of Adas Torah. Volume 4:1 includes 22 thoughtful essays on Sefer Bereishis and Sefer Shemos, and covers Halacha, Machshava, philosophy, history, and Chasidus. For dedication opportunities or to submit articles for the next volume of Nitzachon, please speak to Rabbi Revah, Michael Kleinman, or Yaakov Siegel.

Vol. 4:1 - Bereishis - Shemos 5777

Yoreh Deah Chabura

Our Yoreh Deah Chabura meets every Sunday morning at 9:00 am. We are presently learning Hilchos Bassar V’cholov. To hear the shiurim from Rabbi Revah please click here

Thu, 23 February 2017 27 Shevat 5777